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Some characteristics of homosexual men.
  1. R N Thin,
  2. D M Smith


    Although recognition of homosexuals is often important, many doctors lack the necessary skill or experience, so to assist them a group of 5,302 men was surveyed using a computer-based data system and 9-1 per cent. were recorded as homosexual. Analysis showed a relatively high proportion of homosexuals among men with syphilis and gonorrhoea, and a low proportion among men with nonspecific genital infection (non-specific urethritis and proctitis) and other infections. All men with secondary syphilis were homosexual. A relatively high proportion of men born in Eire, Spain, and North America were homosexual and a relatively high proportion of men living in the West End of London were homosexual. While these findings will be of most value to those working in STD clinics in London they may also be helpful to those working elsewhere and in other disciplines.

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