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The goat mammary gland as a model infection site for Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
  1. A E Pasieka,
  2. F Ota,
  3. A Ryan,
  4. F E Ashton,
  5. R Wallace,
  6. C Perusse,
  7. B B Diena


    Live and formalin-killed gonococci were instilled into the mammary glands of lactating and nonlactating goats. In lactating goats viable gonococci elicited a limited inflammatory process whereas in non-lactating goats, severe inflammation and swelling appeared and peaked on the 3rd day after instillation and persisted for about 10 days. No viable gonococci were recovered after the first day, but fluorescent antibody staining showed gonococci in the exudate from non-lactating goats up to 7 days after instillation.

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