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Diagnosis of gonorrhoea in women.
  1. D Barlow,
  2. K Nayyar,
  3. I Phillips,
  4. J Barrow


    250 consecutive female contacts of men with gonorrhoea were examined in Lydia Department of Genito-urinary Medicine, St Thomas' Hospital, London, and 165 (66 per cent.) were found to be positive for gonorrhoea. Over 99 per cent. of the positive results were found by the first two sets of genital investigations. These results are compared with earlier and more recent results from our own and other centres and it is postulated that the higher early diagnosis rate is due to the introduction of a highly selective but non-inhibitory culture medium (VCNT), combined with a new incubator which accurately regulates temperature, humidity, and CO2 content. Reasons for the negative findings in 35 per cent. of the female gonorrhoea contacts are discussed.

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