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Gonorrhoea in women and exposure to risk.
  1. J Yarnell,
  2. R Samways


    Data are presented on the characteristics of women with newly diagnosed gonorrhoea who attended Lydia Clinic, St. Thomas' Hospital, during a 6-month period. Although gonorrhoea in women is largely asymptomatic, there was strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that some women had attended because they had been exposed to risk. The proportion of women thus motivated was largest among those women who had attended a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases before--in which up to 40 per cent. of women had apparently attended entirely of their own accord. Women born in the West Indies differed from their counterparts born in the United Kingdom in three respects: they were younger, recorded fewer contacts, and referred themselves less frequently to the clinic for a first visit. Implications for health education and for future research are discussed.

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