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Oral talampicillin in the treatment of gonorrhoea.
  1. J D Price,
  2. J L Fluker,
  3. J H Giles


    Talampicillin was effective in eradicating the causitive organism in uncomplicated gonorrhoea, with only four treatment failures (1-6%) in 245 patients seen at least once after treatment. Symptoms, such as discharge, were seen in 61 patients at some stage after treatment but 31 of these cases were clear after one or two follow-up visits. The anitbiotic was well tolerated. One patient developed a maculopapular rash, penicillin allergy was reported in two patients, and a generalised itch (possibly penicillin allergy) in one further patient. A total of 241 out of 245 (98%) cases had the urethral gonococcus successfully eradicated with talampicillin. Talampicillin given in single doses appears to be an extremely good choice of antibiotic in the treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhoea in men.

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