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Behavioural and social characteristics of the patient with repeated venereal disease and his effect on statistics on venereal diseases.
  1. R S Lundin,
  2. M W Wright,
  3. J N Scatliff


    The current study investigated personality characteristics and social circumstances in patients repeatedly infected with venereal diseases. An effort was made to identify characteristics that would differentiate a repeat patient (RP) from a non-repeat patient (NRP). Two studies were carried out. In the first, a group of patients from a venereal disease clinic in a large general hospital was first interviewed and then the patients were asked to complete a questionnaire. In the second study, an attempt was made to validate the findings from the first study by comparing data from RP and NRP venereal disease patients drawn from medical and social case histories from a second hospital. Results of both studies support the hypothesis that repeat patients are different from non-repeat venereal disease patients in terms of social and psychological characteristics. The significance of these findings is discussed.

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