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Which Neisseria?
  1. R R Willcox,
  2. R C Spencer,
  3. C Ison


    A case of disseminated gonococcal infection in which the gonococcus was isolated from the blood and genitalia and the meningococcus from the throat is described. A second patient, in whom the meningococcus was isolated from the throat and the gonococcus from the genitals but in whom no organisms were recovered from the blood, had lesions resembling those of a disseminated infection. The results of 150 throat cultures from patients who were examined at a clinic because they had a history of oral sexual intercourse are presented. The meningococcus was isolated nearly six times more often in patients with genital gonorrhoea than in those in whom genital cultures were negative, while the gonococcus was found 2 1/2 times more often in those who carried the meningococcus in the throat than in those who did not. If these findings can be confirmed it could indicate an individual susceptibility to the acquisition of Neisserian organisms that would merit further investigation.

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