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Facilities and diagnostic criteria in sexually transmitted disease clinics in England and Wales.
  1. M W Adler,
  2. E M Belsey,
  3. B H O'Connor,
  4. R D Catterall,
  5. D L Miller


    A study was conducted to collect information from consultants about the facilities and diagnostic criteria used in clinics for sexually transmitted diseases in England and Wales. Most of the information was obtained by personal interview with a response rate of 92%. Half the clinics were open for 10 hours or less a week, the mean length of time for all clinics was 14 1/2 hours a week. Eighty per cent of clinics had a full or part-time contact-tracing service. All the clinics had microscopical and serological services and almost all (99%) had cultural facilities. The policy concerning the most efficient use of these facilities is discussed.

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