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A trial of adenine arabinoside in genital herpes.
  1. A L Hilton,
  2. T E Bushell,
  3. D Waller,
  4. J Bright


    Twenty-four episodes of genital herpes in 22 men, all confirmed by virus isolation, were studied in a double blind trial. They were treated either with 3% adenine arabinoside (Ara-A) in petrolatum ointment base or with the base alone applied four times daily for one week. The lesions were counted and sketeched on days 0, 2, and 7. There was no demonstrable advantage to be gained from the use of Ara-A ointment. The results of the Papanicolaou smears and virus isolation agreed in the diagnosis of 75% of cases. The presence of continuing lesions or fresh ones in some patients after the acute phase of the initial or recurrent attack of herpes necessitates the man taking precautions on resuming sexual intercourse.

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