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Secnidazole. A 5-nitroimidazole derivative with a long half-life.
  1. D Videau,
  2. G Niel,
  3. A Siboulet,
  4. F Catalan


    The therapeutic activity of a single 2 g dose of secnidazole was studied in patients with urogenital trichomoniasis. In 140 patients, 97% were cured and the drug was well tolerated. In the laboratory, tests on sensitivity were made and the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and the minimal trichomonacidal concentration (MTC) were determined on cultures that had recently been isolated at the clinic, and the pharmacokinetic properties of secnidazole in man were compared with those of tinidazole. The therapeutic efficacy of all the metronidazole derivatives was reviewed and a single-dose treatment is recommended. Therapeutic and prophylactic treatment is achieved by products with a long half-life. Secnidazole, with a half-life of 14.3 +/- 1.3 h (women) and 20.2 +/- 3.1 h (men), is particularly suitable for this type of treatment.

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