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Genital chlamydial infections in patients attending a gynaecological outpatient clinic.
  1. J Paavonen,
  2. P Saikku,
  3. E Vesterinen,
  4. B Meyer,
  5. E Vartiainen,
  6. E Saksela


    Investigation for genital chlamydial infections was carried out on 160 patients of fertile age attending a gynaecological outpatient clinic. Thirteen (9%) of the 144 patients with valid specimens were found to be Chlamydia-positive. Seven (54%) of them had antichlamydial antibodies by the complement-fixation test, and 11 (85%) antichlamydial antibodies by a single-antigen immunofluorescence test compared with 21 (16%) and 70 (53%), respectively, of the 131 Chlamydia-negative patients. Patients with overt genital chlamydial infection often complained of ocular and urethral symptoms. Usually there was clinical evidence of cervical infection as well as of inflammation on cervicovaginal smears. Colposcopical and histological examinations did not show any specific alterations.

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