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Treponema pallidum immune adherence test for serodiagnosis of syphilis. 1: An improved method of the TPIA test.
  1. S Tanaka,
  2. T Suzuki,
  3. T Numata


    Clinical investigations using the Treponema pallidum immune adherence (TPIA) test as reported by Nelson (1953) were performed only by Olansky et al in 1954. In this paper an improved method of the TPIA test is described. The test was simple to perform and was highly specific for antitreponemal antibody. Furthermore, as it was possible to use heated T. pallidum as antigen the antigen suspension could be preserved for long periods. The TPIA test for syphilis was evaluated by examining the sera from 40 healthy subjects and from 166 patients with syphilis.

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