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Comparison of cardiolipin and treponemal tests in the serodiagnosis of yaws.
  1. H E Menke,
  2. J Veldkamp,
  3. E A Brunings,
  4. P L Niemel,
  5. A Notowicz,
  6. E Stolz


    Results of the Veneral Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL), rapid plasma reagin (RPR), Treponema pallidum haemagglutination (TPHA), T. pallidum immobilisation (TPI), and fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS) tests on sera of 661 children from a region where yaws is hypoendemic are compared. For 107 (16.2%) out of 661 sera the FTA-ABS test was the only one showing reactivity; in these instances the test was weakly reactive (intensity of fluorescence scored as +) and the children had no history and no signs or symptoms of treponemal disease. A solitary, weakly reactive FTA-ABS test result seems to have no clinical significance in these cases. The FTA-ABS test can be used as a confirmatory test for yaws instead of the TPI test, if only the results of sera showing an intensity of fluorescence scored as ++ or more are considered to be positive. There appeared to be no significant differences in the results of the VDRL, RPR, and TPHA tests as screening tests for yaws when the TPI or FTA-ABS tests were used as reference tests.

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