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Double-blind comparison of two regimens in the treatment of nongonococcal urethritis. Seven-day vs 21-day course of triple tetracyclinc (Deteclo).
  1. I V Thambar,
  2. P D Simmons,
  3. R N Thin,
  4. S Darougar,
  5. P Yearsley


    In a double-blind comparison of two regimens of triple tetracycline (Deteclo, Lederle) in the treatment of nongonococcal urethritis, 68 (88.6%) of 70 patients treated with one tablet twice for 21 days and seen four weeks after starting therapy had satisfactory results. This was significantly better than the findings among the 73 patients treated with one tablet twice daily for seven days and followed for four weeks, among whom only 47 (64.4%) had satisfactory results. Results were also better for the group treated with the 21-day regimen at three months afer the start of treatment. When analysed individually at four and 12 weeks, urethral discharge, urethral Gram-stained smears, and first-glass urine test all gave similar results, which were markedly better than those before treatment. It appears that the longer course of treatment it indicated where any regular partner may not be treated. Slightly fewer patients had satisfactory results among those who admitted consuming alcohol than among those who did not. Chlamydiae-negative patients, treated for seven days, had fewer clinically satisfactory results than other sub-groups.

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