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Epidemiological investigation of patients with vulvovaginal candidosis. Application of a resistogram method for strain differentiation of Candida albicans.
  1. D W Warnock,
  2. C D Speller,
  3. J D Milne,
  4. A L Hilton,
  5. P I Kershaw


    The resistogram method was applied to 420 isolates of Candida albicans obtained from 30 selected patients undergoing treatment for vulvovaginitis. Of these, 16 patients each harboured a particular strain of C. albicans which persisted in the mouth or intestinal tract or both. In three of these patients, this strain persisted in the genital tract, and, in eight patients, it later recolonised the genital tract. Fourteen patients harboured more than one strain of C. albicans: one failed to respond to treatment and continued to harbour the same strain in the genital tract; in five the original strain later recolonised the genital tract and a second strain remained confined to the mouth or intestinal tract or both; and in three a second strain, present in the intestinal tract, later colonised the genital tract. Each of the male partners of seven patients harboured a strain of C. albicans that was identical to the strain, or to one of the strains, that had been isolated from his female partner.

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