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Chlamydia trachomatis infection of the Fallopian tubes. Histological findings in two patients.
  1. B R Møller,
  2. L Weström,
  3. S Ahrons,
  4. K T Ripa,
  5. L Svensson,
  6. C von Mecklenburg,
  7. H Henrikson,
  8. P A Mårdh


    In two patients with acute salpingitis, C. trachomatis was isolated from the cervix. In one of the patients, the organism was also recovered from the Fallopian tubes, and in the other, chlamydial inclusions were found in Giemsa-stained tubal epithelial cells. A significant change in micro-immunofluorescence antibodies to C. trachomatis occurred in both patients during the course of the disease. The Fallopian tubes of both patients were removed and studied by conventional histological techniques and, in the case of one of them, by transmission electron microscopy.

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