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Pleural effusion disease agent as passenger of Treponema pallidum suspensions from rabbits. Survey of laboratories.
  1. K L Fennestad,
  2. L Bruun,
  3. E Wedø


    Material from rabbits used for the propagation of Treponema pallidum in 12 selected laboratories was examined for a viral passenger agent of the treponemal suspensions. An agent which causes clinical or subclinical pleural effusion disease (PED) in rabbits and which is serologically identical or related to the PED agent isolated in Copenhagen was found as a contaminant in treponemal suspensions in laboratories in Europe, the USA, and Japan. The experience gained in the Scandinavian treponematoses laboratories suggests that strains of T pallidum contaminated with the PED agent can be purified by passage through hamsters.

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