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Antibodies to hepatitis A antigen in relation to the number of lifetime sexual partners in patients attending an STD clinic.
  1. E S McFarlane,
  2. J A Embil,
  3. F R Manuel,
  4. H J Thiébaux


    Samples of serum from 421 patients attending a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were tested by radioimmunoassay for determination of the prevalence of antibodies to hepatitis A antigen (anti-HA). It was found that 42 . 4% of 33 homosexual men, 39 . 4% of 218 heterosexual men, and 38 . 8% of 170 female patients had positive results for anti-HA. The association between serological results and data on STD patients, using the variables of age, sexual type and preference, number of sexual partners in the preceding six months, and number of lifetime sexual partners and age, was determined statistically. The results show that the number of lifetime sexual partners is another factor concerned in the high prevalence of anti-HA.

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