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Haemophilus vaginalis (Corynebacterium vaginale, Gardnerella vaginalis) in a family planning clinic population.
  1. H M Bramley,
  2. R A Dixon,
  3. B M Jones


    Vaginal specimens were obtained at 902 attendances from 522 women requiring vaginal examination at a family planning clinic. Haemophilus vaginalis was found in 8% of specimens either by culture or by at least two out of three microscopical tests; lactobacilli were seldom found in the presence of the organism. Increased signs and symptoms, especially an offensive odour, were found only when H vaginalis and staphylococcus were isolated together. The organism was found less often in patients using contraceptives methods which protected the vagina, thus suggesting sexual transmission. Treatment is advisable when H vaginalis is in contact with a vascular bed.

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