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Torulopsis glabrata and Candida albicans in female genital infections in the Sudan.
  1. E E Omer,
  2. S A Gumaa,
  3. H A El-Naeem,
  4. M Hag Ali


    Four hundred and seventy Sudanese women with vaginal discharge were investigated for yeast-like fungi. High vaginal specimens were cultured and isolates fully identified according to standard mycological techniques. All patients were married and some were pregnant. Of 138 yeast-like fungi identified, Torulopsis glabrata (34.1%) was the commonest followed by Candida albicans (25.4%) and Candid krusei (14.5%). Differing social and economic factors may be responsible for the higher prevalence of T glabrata in the Sudan. Although its pathogenicity is not well established, its association with vulvovaginitis should not be overlooked.

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