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Comparison of miconazole-coated tampons with clotrimazole vaginal tablets in the treatment of vaginal candidosis.
  1. M J Balsdon


    The effectiveness and acceptability of miconazole-coated tampons were compared with those clotrimazole vaginal tablets in the treatment of vaginal candidosis in 100 women. Both treatments were highly effective in reducing the signs and symptoms of infection; 95% of the group treated with miconazole had negative culture results for Candida species immediately after treatment compared with 86% of those treated with clotrimazole. A 17.6% recurrence rate of positive culture results was found four weeks later in the miconazole-treated group compared with that of 30% in the clotrimazole-treated group. The miconazole tampons were highly acceptable to patients. Vaginal pH values did not differ significantly between those patients with candidosis and those treated and cured. Corynebacterium vaginale (Gardnerella vaginalis) vaginitis and nonspecific genital infection were common complicating factors during follow up.

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