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Genital ulcers in Kenya. Clinical and laboratory study.
  1. H Nsanze,
  2. M V Fast,
  3. L J D'Costa,
  4. P Tukei,
  5. J Curran,
  6. A Ronald


    Of 97 patients with genital ulcers attending a special treatment clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, 60 harboured Haemophilus ducreyi, four herpes simplex virus, and five Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Eleven patients had serological evidence of syphilis; of these one case was confirmed by darkfield microscopy. In the remaining cases no aetiological agent was identified. An enriched chocolate agar with vancomycin and serum was a useful medium for primary isolation of H ducreyi. Tetracycline was generally ineffective in the treatment of ulcers, but sulfadimidine was successful in almost 80% of cases.

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