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Confirmation of herpes simplex virus type 2 infections in herpes-like genital lesions by a simple complement-fixation test.
  1. M Arsenakis,
  2. J T May


    The presence of complement-fixing antibody to an early herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) antigen (the AG-4 antigen) was correlated with HSV-2 infection in the sera of patients with genital herpes. Eighty-eight per cent of sera taken two weeks after clinical diagnosis of a primary or recurrent herpes infection in patients, confirmed to have HSV-2 by virus isolation and typing, contained the anti-AG-4 complement-fixing antibody. None of the patients with genital HSV-1 had the antibody, and only 9% of controls or patients with facial HSV-1 infection had positive results for the antibody. This correlation was used to identify genital HSV-2 infections when either no virus sample had been taken or when virus isolations had been unsuccessful. Thus, a simple complement-fixation test can confirm an HSV-2 virus infection without isolation of the virus from the herpetic lesion.

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