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Screening for syphilis among homosexual men in bars and saunas in Amsterdam.
  1. L H Lumey,
  2. J Kok,
  3. R A Coutinho


    Serological screening of 1627 homosexual men visiting two saunas and two bars in Amsterdam showed that 32.2% were seroreactive for syphilis. The 18-month study period ended in June 1981. Follow-up was possible in 91% (224/245) of subjects with both positive TPHA and VDRL test results; 76 cases of previously undetected syphilis were identified among 75 of the 224 men (incidence rate 4.6%). The rate of previously undetected syphilis declined appreciably during the study period. The cost of identifying one new case of syphilis was Df1577 (pounds 120 or US $ 220).

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