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Problem-orientated categorisation of "other conditions" seen in a genitourinary medicine clinic.
  1. R S Pattman,
  2. C B Schofield


    The case sheets of patients coded as D2 (other conditions requiring treatment) and D3 (other conditions not requiring treatment) in 1981 were reclassified on a problem-orientated basis. Ten discreet categories were delineated with ease. Women with non-specific vaginitis and men with Gardnerella vaginalis urogenital infection, usually coded D2 or C4, should be reclassified under the C group of conditions as, for example, "Gardnerella or other bacterial genital infections." It is suggested that codes D2 and D3 be replaced by the following nine categories: genital skin lesions or rashes; genitourinary symptoms; enteric conditions; other sexually transmitted infections; normal genital architecture, congenital conditions, or unconfirmed genital discharges; asymptomatic patients attending for routine examination; uninfected contacts of patients with sexually transmitted diseases; psychosexual problems; and others.

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