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Amine content of vaginal fluid from patients with trichomoniasis and gardnerella associated non-specific vaginitis.
  1. B E Sanderson,
  2. E White,
  3. M J Baldson


    Amounts of putrescine, cadaverine, and tyramine were measured in vaginal washings from five patients with non-specific vaginitis (NSV) associated with Gardnerella vaginalis, five patients with trichomoniasis, and five healthy controls. Putrescine and cadaverine were present in all but one sample from the infected patients; tyramine was found in four of five samples from the women with NSV and in two of five samples from those with trichomoniasis. The mean cadaverine to putrescine ratio was significantly higher in the patients with NSV than in those with trichomoniasis. Samples from the five controls contained only very small amounts of any of the three amines. The amine content of nine of 10 samples from the infected women was reduced to normal values after metronidazole treatment. The possible sources of the amines from Trichomonas vaginalis and Gardnerella vaginalis are discussed with reference to the clinical response to treatment.

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