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Metronidazole in the treatment of non-specific vaginitis (NSV).
  1. F Jerve,
  2. T B Berdal,
  3. P Bohman,
  4. C C Smith,
  5. O K Evjen,
  6. H Gjønnaess,
  7. M Gaasemyr,
  8. L Hausken,
  9. K Hesla,
  10. E Hoftvedt


    In a large multicentre study of 429 patients with the usual signs and symptoms of non-specific vaginitis (NSV), we studied the effect of different doses of metronidazole. The patients were divided into five treatment groups as follows: group A was given 400 mg metronidazole three times daily for seven days, group B 2000 mg as a single dose, group C 2000 mg on days 1 and 2, group D 2000 mg on days 1 and 3, and group E was given 1200 mg metronidazole once daily for five days. At follow up examination four weeks from the start of treatment, patients in groups D and E showed the best clinical results with cure rates of 94.0% and 93.6% respectively. In addition the rate of reisolation of Gardnerella vaginalis was lowest in group D. We therefore recommend metronidazole 2000 mg on days 1 and 3 as routine treatment for non-specific or vaginitis associated with gardnerella.

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