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Human immunodeficiency virus and female prostitutes, Sydney 1985.
  1. C R Philpot,
  2. C Harcourt,
  3. J Edwards,
  4. A Grealis
  1. Sydney STD Centre, Sydney Hospital, New South Wales, Australia.


    One hundred and thirty two female prostitutes and 55 non-prostitutes who were tested for antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) were surveyed by questionnaire at this centre. The two groups were well matched for age and were very similar in other except for numbers of their sexual partners. Questions were asked about drug taking, sexual practices, general health, and episodes of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). None of the women in the survey was found to be seropositive, but both groups were found to be seriously at risk of HIV infection through using intravenous (IV) drugs, having unprotected sexual intercourse with men who used IV drugs, having unprotected sexual intercourse with bisexual men, or exposure to several STDs.

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