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Managing women with human papillomavirus changes in cervical cytology.
  1. S J Winceslaus,
  2. C Brown,
  3. B T Goh
  1. Whitechapel Clinic, London Hospital.


    Of 86 women with cervical cytological evidence of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection who underwent colposcopy, 55 yielded histological confirmation of HPV infection and 17 of them had cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). Of 51 women followed up six months after cryotherapy of their cervical lesions, 46 showed no evidence of HPV infection in their cervices. Of the patients with CIN lesions, only one out of the 16 followed up had persistent CIN II six months after treatment, which gave a clearance rate of 94% for early CIN lesions treated by this method. Of 62 sexual partners examined, 48 had sexually transmitted infections, 38 of them genital warts. The use of colposcopy with directed punch biopsy is a practical way of managing patients whose cervical smears suggest HPV infection. Cryotherapy is effective in treating histologically confirmed cervical HPV and associated minor CIN lesions. Contact tracing and screening for other sexually transmitted diseases is an integral part of managing genital warts.

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