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Vaginal candidosis: relation between yeast counts and symptoms and clinical signs in non-pregnant women.
  1. V Hopwood,
  2. T Crowley,
  3. C T Horrocks,
  4. J D Milne,
  5. P K Taylor,
  6. D W Warnock
  1. Department of Microbiology, Royal Infirmary, Bristol.


    Of 277 non-pregnant women, 67 (24%) harboured Candida albicans in the genital tract. Of 56 women yielding C albicans who had no other infection diagnosed, 14 were symptomless and 10 had no clinical signs of vulval redness, vaginitis, or discharge. Symptoms and signs tended to be more severe in women with higher yeast counts. Of 22 women with moderate or severe symptoms (pruritus with or without discharge) and signs, 15 had yeast counts of more than 10(3) colony forming units (cfu)/ml, whereas six of nine women with no symptoms or signs had counts of fewer than 10(3) cfu/ml.

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