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Granuloma inguinale of cervical lymph nodes simulating tuberculous lymphadenitis: two case reports and review of published reports.
  1. A L Freinkel
  1. Department of Anatomical Pathology, School of Pathology of the South African Institute for Medical Research, Johannesburg.


    Granuloma inguinale (donovanosis) is commonly thought to be a superficial disease, which spreads by continuity and does not affect the regional lymph nodes. Two patients with the disease affecting lymph nodes in the neck are reported from a series of 108 seen in a continuing study of granuloma inguinale. An immunofluorescent antibody test is described that showed antigenic relatedness between the intracellular organisms in these patients and in patients with typical genital granuloma inguinale. Lymphadenitis associated with granuloma inguinale appears to be a stage in the pathogenesis of the pseudobubo, an uncommon feature of this disease.

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