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Immunotherapy of genital warts with inosine pranobex and conventional treatment: double blind placebo controlled study.
  1. J Davidson-Parker,
  2. W Dinsmore,
  3. M H Khan,
  4. D A Hicks,
  5. C A Morris,
  6. D F Morris
  1. Prince of Wales's Hospital, London.


    In a multicentre, prospective, randomised, placebo controlled study of 55 patients with histories of genital warts for at least one year, a four week course of inosine pranobex 3 g a day improved the clinical response to conventional treatment (primarily podophyllin or trichloroacetic (now called trichlorethanoic) acid). Although more patients given inosine pranobex improved than those given placebo, the difference in general response between the two groups was not significant. When other variables (numbers of warts and extent of lesions) were considered, however, the patients given inosine pranobex fared significantly better. These results suggest that inosine pranobex may be worth considering as adjunct to treatment of patients with refractory genital warts.

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