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Patterns of carriage of group B streptococci in genitourinary medicine clinic patients.
  1. E F Monteiro,
  2. K M Oxley,
  3. G Colman,
  4. J G Hastings
  1. Department of Genitourinary Medicine, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.


    Anogenital carriage of group B streptococci was found in 46% (57/125) of men and 38% (68/179) of women attending a genitourinary medicine clinic. Colonisation with group B streptococci was more common in patients who had a history of more than one sexual partner in the preceding three months, but was not related to any previous sexually transmitted infection. Group B streptococci were isolated from either one or both partners of 28 couples, in 12 of which both partners yielded isolates that were indistinguishable by serotyping and phage typing. Colonisation with matching isolates of group B streptococci was more common in couples who had relatively stable relationships.

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