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Heterosexual sexual behaviour in a sample of homosexually active men.
  1. R Fitzpatrick,
  2. G Hart,
  3. M Boulton,
  4. J McLean,
  5. J Dawson
  1. Department of Community Medicine and General Practice, Radcliffe Infirmary, University of Oxford, UK.


    Three hundred and fifty six homosexually active men were recruited in 1988 for a study by interview of sexual behaviour. Thirty two per cent had homosexual passive anal sex in the previous month and 60% in the year before interview. Anal sex and unprotected anal sex were more common with regular than non-regular partners. Heterosexual sex was reported by 4% of men in the last month and 10% for the last year. Sixteen per cent of heterosexually active men reported anal sex with a female partner. Fewer men described themselves as bisexual than would be expected from the sample's recent sexual histories. More attention is needed to the definition and measurement of "bisexuality" to understand its role in HIV transmission.

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