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Genital infections in women attending a genito-urinary clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  1. P R Mason,
  2. L Gwanzura,
  3. A S Latif,
  4. E Marowa
  1. Department of Medical Microbiology and Medicine, University of Zimbabwe Medical School, Harare.


    One hundred women attending a sexually transmitted diseases clinic in Harare were examined for presenting features and genital infections. The most common presenting symptoms were of discharge, lower abdominal pain and dysuria, and on examination signs of discharge, inflammation, haemorrhage or ulcers/erosions were noticeable in all women. Fourteen women had genital warts. Pathogens were detected in 95% of patients. Gonococcal infection occurred in 19 women, with 60% of the strains isolated being penicillinase producing. Yeasts were detected in specimens from 25 women while chlamydial infection appeared to be rare, evidence of infection being detected in only eight women. Sera from 44 women were positive by the RPR test and sera from 33 women were positive by TPHA. Gardnerella vaginalis was isolated from 48 women, Group B streptococci from 37 women, and Trichomonas vaginalis from 32 women.

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