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Flat condylomata of the penis presenting as patchy balanoposthitis.
  1. J T Arumainayagam,
  2. A H Sumathipala,
  3. L A Smallman,
  4. M Shahmanesh
  1. General Hospital, Birmingham, UK.


    Fifty patients presenting with either primary or recurrent patchy balanoposthitis which became aceto-white after the application of 5% acetic acid underwent biopsy. Microbiological screening, including Grocott staining of the biopsy material for fungal hyphae was performed. Forty nine biopsies showed marked koilocytosis suggestive of human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, and of these, only three showed fungal hyphae. This study suggests that HPV may be associated with some cases of patchy balanoposthitis.

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