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Squamous carcinoma of the penis and previous recurrent balanitis: a case report.
  1. J J Fernando,
  2. T M Wanas
  1. Department of Genitourinary Medicine, Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton, UK.


    A 33 year old uncircumcised Caucasian male who had a 7 year history of intermittent erosive balanitis and herpes, presented with an 18 month history of progressively worsening penile ulceration not responding to the usual medication. Biopsy of the glans penis carried out in view of the long standing ulceration showed a sqamous cell carcinoma of the penis. As there was no response to radiotherapy, partial penectomy was carried out. The importance of early biopsy is emphasised when ulcerative lesions of the penis do not respond adequately to medical therapy. Different treatment modalities available are reviewed.

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