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Recurrence of condylomata acuminata following cryotherapy is not prevented by systemically administered interferon.
  1. L J Eron,
  2. M B Alder,
  3. J M O'Rourke,
  4. K Rittweger,
  5. J DePamphilis,
  6. D J Pizzuti
  1. Division of Infectious Diseases, Fairfax Hospital, Falls Church, VA.


    OBJECTIVE--To determine whether interferon alpha-2a, when utilised as adjuvant chemotherapy following ablation of condylomata acuminata (genital warts) by cryotherapy, is effective in the prevention of recurrences. DESIGN--Randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. Statistical analysis was by 2-tailed Fisher's Exact Test. PATIENTS--97 patients with recurrent condylomata acuminata. INTERVENTION--49 patients were treated with cryotherapy plus subcutaneously administered interferon alpha-2a, and 48 received cryotherapy plus placebo. Of these, 36 and 37 patients, respectively, completed the study and were evaluable. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE--Clinical eradication of condylomata for six months following adjuvant chemotherapy. RESULTS--By completion of the adjuvant chemotherapy, 10 (28%) interferon recipients and 16 (43%) placebo recipients experienced recurrences. At six months follow-up, 25 (69%) interferon and 27 (73%) placebo recipients experienced recurrences. In the six months following interferon therapy, only 31% of interferon and 27% of placebo recipients remained free of recurrences (p = 0.99). CONCLUSIONS--Interferon alpha-2a administered subcutaneously offers no benefit as a chemotherapeutic adjuvant to cryotherapy when used alone in the therapy of genital warts in this population of patients with recurrent condylomata.

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