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Is endometrial infection with Candida albicans a cause of recurrent vaginal thrush?
  1. J R Smith,
  2. C Wells,
  3. M Jolly,
  4. P Shah,
  5. M Savage,
  6. P Reginald,
  7. V S Kitchen
  1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Chelsea and Westminister Hospital, London, UK.


    OBJECTIVE--It was hypothesised that the endometrium might act as a reservoir for candida, thus infecting the vagina as the endometrium is shed during menstruation. DESIGN--A prospective study of women with recurrent vulvo-vaginal candidiasis. The endometrium was sampled and cultured for candida species. SETTING--Central London STD clinic. SUBJECTS--26 women were enrolled, of whom 20 completed the study. RESULTS--One patient had a positive endometrial culture for candida species, the isolate being Candida krusei. CONCLUSIONS--The endometrium is not a common resevoir for candida species and therefore, infection at this site is an unlikely cause of recurrent vaginal candidiasis.

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