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Transrectal ultrasound in male urethritis.
  1. A F Ghaly,
  2. P M Taylor,
  3. B P Goorney,
  4. K R Haye
  1. Department of Genitourinary Medicine and Radiology, Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK.


    OBJECTIVE--To assess the prevalence of prostatic abnormalities in men with gonococcal and non-gonococcal urethritis using trans-rectal ultrasonic markers. DESIGN--A case control study of patients attending a department of genitourinary medicine with symptoms of urethritis. SETTING--Department of Genitourinary Medicine and Department of Radiology in Manchester Royal Infirmary. RESULTS--A total of 42 patients were recruited to the study: 26 with urethritis and 16 controls. Of the 26 study patients, six were gonococcal, four chlamydial, two mixed gonococcal and chlamydia and nine non specific (no organisms detected). Of the 26 study patients, 16 had abnormal scans (61.5%), eight from the chlamydia group and eight from the non specific group. No abnormalities were found in the gonococcal and mixed group. Of the 16 control patients, five had abnormal scans (31.25%), three of these have had a past history of chlamydial urethritis. CONCLUSION--The prevalence of prostatic abnormalities in patients with non-gonococcal urethritis was significantly higher when compared with controls. The cause of these abnormalities is unclear, but is compatible with inflammatory changes within the gland.

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