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Combined therapy trial with interferon alpha-2a and ablative therapy in the treatment of anogenital warts.
  1. D K Armstrong,
  2. R D Maw,
  3. W W Dinsmore,
  4. J Blaakaer,
  5. M A Correa,
  6. L Falk,
  7. A S Ferenczy,
  8. M Fortier,
  9. I Frazer,
  10. C Law,
  11. B M Moller,
  12. N Oyakawa
  1. Department of Genitourinary Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.


    OBJECTIVE: To determine whether the combination of systemically administered interferon alpha-2a and ablative surgery for the treatment of genital and/or perianal warts produces a 30% or greater improvement in lasting response rate compared with a control group receiving a combination of placebo and ablative therapy. DESIGN: Randomised, triple-blind, placebo-controlled trial using 1 or 3 MIU of interferon alpha-2a or placebo administered subcutaneously three times weekly for 10 weeks in combination with ablative surgery. SETTING: International, multicentre study in 10 genitourinary medicine clinics. PATIENTS: Two hundred and fifty patients with anogenital warts. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Lasting response at week 38. RESULTS: Standard efficacy analysis at week 38 showed a lasting response in 51% (35/68) of 3 MIU interferon-treated patients, 48% (30/63) of 1 MIU interferon-treated patients and 43% (29/67) of placebo-treated patients. CONCLUSIONS: With the doses and regime described, treatment with interferon alpha-2a in combination with ablative therapy is not significantly superior in the treatment of anogenital warts than placebo and ablative therapy.

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