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Urinary symptoms, sexual intercourse and significant bacteriuria in male patients attending STD clinics.
  1. L M David,
  2. D Natin,
  3. M Walzman,
  4. D Stocker
  1. Whittall Street Clinic, Birmingham, UK.


    OBJECTIVE: To assess the relationship between sexual behaviour, urinary symptoms, urinalysis and bacteriuria in men attending STD clinics. DESIGN: A prospective study recording sexual behaviour, urinary symptoms and collecting mid-stream urine specimens. SETTING: Two West Midlands STD clinics, UK. SUBJECTS: 1086 new male patients. RESULTS: 704 patients had had sexual intercourse (SI) within 14 days of testing, 424 had urinary symptoms and 122 had pyuria. All 13 patients with positive culture had SI < 14 days before testing, urinary symptoms and pyuria. No association was found between sexual orientation, type of SI, number of sexual partners, condom usage and bacteriuria. CONCLUSION: Bacteriuria does not behave as an STD but SI may be a factor in acquiring bacteriuria. Dysuria with or without urethral discharge is the most predictive symptom of bacteriuria. Pyuria has a high sensitivity for predicting bacteriuria among males.

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