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Women with recurrent vaginal candidosis have normal peripheral blood B and T lymphocyte subset levels.
  1. D J White,
  2. M Stevenson,
  3. M Shahmanesh,
  4. T Gentle
  1. Department of Genitourinary Medicine, General Hospital Birmingham.


    OBJECTIVE: To compare the B and T lymphocyte subset levels of otherwise healthy women suffering from frequently recurrent vaginal candidosis with a healthy control group. SUBJECTS: 26 unselected otherwise healthy women of reproductive age with at least four attacks of vaginal candidosis in the past year and more than three vaginal isolates of a moderate or heavy growth of Candida albicans. Controls were 26 patients or clinical and laboratory staff (asymptomatic for genital infection) matched for time of day and age within 5 years. Only three patients accepted an HIV test. All proved HIV negative. No controls were tested. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: T lymphocyte subsets (CD4 and 8) and B lymphocytes (CD 19) as estimated from the total lymphocyte count and flow cytometry. RESULTS: No statistically significant difference between patients and controls. CONCLUSION: No significant difference was found between patients and controls in levels of lymphocyte subsets.

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