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Development of intralesional therapy with fluorouracil/adrenaline injectable gel for management of condylomata acuminata: two phase II clinical studies.
  1. J M Swinehart,
  2. R B Skinner,
  3. J M McCarty,
  4. B H Miller,
  5. S K Tyring,
  6. A Korey,
  7. E K Orenberg
  1. Colorado Medical Research Center, Denver 80210, USA.


    OBJECTIVES: To evaluate a sustained release chemotherapy for treating condylomata acuminata with an injectable gel containing fluorouracil and adrenaline (5-FU/adrenaline gel). Study 1-- To assess contributions of the components of 5-FU/adrenaline gel to efficacy. Study 2--To assess therapeutic contribution of adrenaline and safety and efficacy of the formulations. DESIGN: Randomised, double blind, placebo controlled studies. SETTING: Private practices and university clinics in the United States. PATIENTS: Men and women with new, recurrent, or refractory external condylomata acuminata. INTERVENTION: Six injections over 8 weeks; follow up visits at weeks 1, 4, 8, and 12. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Efficacy: patient/wart response, times to complete response, recurrence rates. Safety: injection reactions, tissue conditions, other adverse events, laboratory studies. RESULTS: Study 1: 132 evaluable patients. Complete response (CR) rate was highest for the 5-FU/adrenaline gel group, followed by the 5-FU/adrenaline solution group, then the 5-FU gel group. 5-FU, adrenaline, and the collagen gel vehicle (in the presence of 5-FU) significantly affected CR and strongly influenced time to CR. The effects of 5-FU and adrenaline were statistically significant. Cutaneous reactions were mild to moderate. Study 2: 187 evaluable patients. Patients treated with 5-FU/adrenaline gel had a significantly higher CR rate and lower cumulative 90 day recurrence rate than those treated with 5-FU gel without adrenaline. Treatments were generally well tolerated, with only three treatment related, serious adverse events. CONCLUSION: 5-FU/adrenaline gel is safe and efficacious for treatment of condylomata acuminata, and when compared with individual or various combinations of components, this formulation provided the greatest therapeutic advantage.

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