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Task force for the urgent response to the epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases in eastern Europe and central Asia.
  1. M A Waugh
  1. General Infirmary at Leeds.


    In summary, members of the TF/STD: share the common goal of reducing the STD burden and slowing the spread of HIV in the most affected and vulnerable countries in eastern Europe and central Asia contribute financially, technically, or in kind to the implementation of a joint strategy which aims: to create an enabling environment for STD prevention and control, and to strengthen the local capacity for STD prevention and care engage in a continuous exchange of information, collaborative partnerships, and coordination of activities at regional as well as country level through the TF/STD and in-country interagency working groups, respectively concur with the priority areas for international support consisting of advocacy and policy, STD drugs, condoms, educational materials, training, applied research, and surveillance meet twice a year to review implementation progress and the need for additional assistance as advocates of TF/STD, call on partners and other organisations to join in this important new initiative.

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