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Chlamydia trachomatis infection mimicking testicular malignancy in a young man.
  1. A M Ward,
  2. J H Rogers,
  3. C S Estcourt
  1. Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Sydney Hospital, NSW, Australia.


    A young man with a low risk history for sexually transmitted diseases presented with an apparently longstanding, previously asymptomatic scrotal mass, highly suggestive of testicular malignancy on palpation. Ultrasound sited the lesion in the epididymis. Although there was no evidence of urethritis, chlamydia polymerase chain reaction testing was positive. Tumour markers were negative. Complete clinical and radiological response was achieved after a long course of doxycycline treatment, without surgical exploration of the scrotum, confirming the diagnosis of chlamydial epididymitis.

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