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The British Co-operative Clinical Group (BCCG)
  1. Michael Waugh
  1. Immediate past president, International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections, The General Infirmary at Leeds, Leeds LS1 3EX

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    Tempus fugit. The British Co-operative Clinical Group (BCCG) was established in 1951 for the immediate purpose of collecting information concerning the venereal diseases from case records available in the United Kingdom. It was due to the perspicacity of one distinguished consultant venereologist (for that is what he called himself), the late Dr R R (Dick) Willcox, who died in 1985, that this group, still flourishing, exists, is independent, finds information on behalf of the specialty of genitourinary medicine in the United Kingdom, and is producing more publications from its numerous projects than ever before. I chaired the BCCG for some years between 1990 and 1995, before handing on to my successor, Dr George Kinghorn ably assisted by Dr Chris Carne, who have kept me informed about recent …

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