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European course on HPV associated pathology: guidelines for primary care physicians for the diagnosis and management of anogenital warts
  1. G von Krogh1,
  2. C J N Lacey2,
  3. G Gross3,
  4. R Barrasso4,
  5. A Schneider5
  1. 1Department of Dermatovenereology, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
  2. 2Department of Genitourinary Medicine and Communicable Diseases, Imperial College School of Medicine, London
  3. 3Department of Dermatology and Venereology, University Hospital, Rostock, Germany
  4. 4Department of Gynaecology, Bichat and Salpetriere University Hospitals, Paris, France
  5. 5Department of Gynaecology, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany
  1. Dr Charles Lacey, Genitourinary Medicine and Communicable Diseases, Section of Infectious Diseases, Imperial College School of Medicine, Clinical Trials Centre, St Mary's Hospital, London c.lacey{at}


The European Course on HPV Associated Pathology (ECHPV) was founded in 1990 by a group of clinicians, pathologists, and virologists to teach important principles for the practice and management of human papillomavirus (HPV) disease to gynaecologists, dermatologists, and other medical disciplines. These guidelines are intended to assist the practice of primary care physicians for diagnosis and treatment of anogenital warts.

  • anogenital warts
  • human papillomavirus
  • condylomata acuminata
  • guidelines

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