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Relation between information and advice provision to male GUM clinic attendees and sexual orientation and ethnic group


Objectives: To examine whether the provision of advice and information to male genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic attendees was related to their reasons for attendance, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Method: Cross sectional survey of men attending a large city centre GUM clinic. Data were collected using an anonymous subject completed questionnaire.

Results: Of the 302 men recruited, 72% described themselves as white and 85% reported only female sexual partners. Information and advice provision were generally found to reflect reason for attendance—for example, those attending with a concern about “an STD or urinary problem” were more likely to report advice and information on NSU/chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhoea, or syphilis than those attending without such concerns. For those attending with a concern about HIV less than half (42%) reported receiving advice and information about HIV. The reasons for attendance were found to vary with ethnicity (black men were more likely to attend for a “check up,” and less likely to attend about HIV or with genital warts than white men) and sexual orientation (those with male partners were more likely to attend about HIV or hepatitis B than those with only female partners); there were corresponding variations in the provision of advice and information.

Conclusions: The clinic was generally providing advice and information appropriate to the reasons for attendance and this reflected variations in such needs with ethnicity and sexual orientation. The provision of advice and information about HIV could be more comprehensive.

  • advice
  • male GUM clinic attendees
  • sexual orientation
  • ethnic group

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