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Condoms and warts
  1. Linda Dayan
  1. Sydney Sexual Health Centre and Sexual Health Services, Northern Sydney Health, Sydney, Australia
  1. LDayan{at}

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Editor,—Wen et al1 should be applauded for their attempt to address the key question of whether or not condoms protect people from genital warts. However, some of the major study variables need clarifying, as they did not match up with my knowledge of the Sydney Sexual Health Centre (SSHC) database.

The article discussed the issue of “acquisition of genital warts” and was presented as an incidence study. Cases were defined as: “All patients with a new diagnosis of macroscopic genital warts who attended SSHC [in] 1996.” However, many of these patients had been previously diagnosed with genital warts elsewhere while others had recurrent lesions. In Australia, most genital warts are managed by general practitioners.2

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